Celebrate International PMO Day

13th May 2025

International PMO Day 2025








…International PMO Day is all about highlighting, promoting, appreciating, and celebrating PMOs in organizations today.

It takes place each year, on the second Tuesday in May.

In 2025, we will be celebrating PMOs across the globe on the 13th May.

Find out how you and your organization can get involved on the 13th May 2025.

Project, Programme, portfolio offices

Why Celebrate PMOs

PMOs – project, programme and portfolio offices — are vital to the development and delivery of organizational change.

International PMO Day is about recognising, highlighting, promoting, appreciating, and celebrating PMOs in organizations today.

A special day dedicated to PMO raises awareness about the importance of effective project, programme and portfolio management, promotes best practices, and recognizes the valuable work of PMO professionals.



The Role

Highlight the role that PMOs provide in supporting the successful delivery of projects, programmes, and portfolios


The Variety

Highlight the diversity that exists in PMOs – different people, different organizations, different parts of the world


The Career

Promote PMO as a career of choice for those looking to work within the project management industry


The Spotlight

Highlight those people who work within PMOs and the experience, skill, knowledge and behaviours they utilise in their work


The Myths

Highlight what it is that PMOs do and more crucially what they don’t


Why Not?

An opportunity for people who work within PMOs to have a day to call their own

Celebrate PMOs

Ways to Get Involved

There are several different ways to get involved and celebrate International PMO Day wherever you are in the world.

You can celebrate your own career in PMO; organise PMO team activities; get the organization and the wider PMO community of companies involved in the celebration!

If you are interested in raising the profile of PMO; want to gain some recognition of your achievements and successes or just want to say thanks to some great PMO practitioners in your working life, now you can.


Find out what you can do on International PMO Day to pause, reflection and celebrate your own career.

PMO Teams

Join International PMO Day with the whole PMO team and take time to get together and celebrate the work you do.


Show your appreciation for the work the PMO does for the organization and the difference it makes to successful change delivery.


The Community

Help promote and celebrate PMOs and the people who work within them – get involved with your PMO customers, members, and volunteers.

Join IN!


Throughout the day, PMO practitioners, teams, organizations and the wider community will be sharing their appreciation for PMOs.

We will be sharing just a few of the events you can get involved in to share your day with other likeminded people.

Virtual Events

Scheduled virtual events for the day


We will be sharing some of the best articles and posts from the day


Check out the gallery and social media feeds for your photos #intlPMODay


Connect to others throughout the day through socials and events #intlPMODay


Celebrating PMOs

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