How to Get Involved in International PMO Day

International PMO Day is all about highlighting, showing appreciation, promoting and celebrating PMOs today. 

This is a day for PMO practitioners who work in PMOs; those people who manage PMOs; organizations that have PMOs and delivery professionals who use the services of PMOs.

It’s also a day for the wider PMO community – those who run professional bodies, training companies, provide tools and services utilised by PMOs.

If you would like to help raise the profile and profession of PMO, get involved on International PMO Day.

Read on to gain some great ideas to celebrate your day

PMO People

It’s time for PMO practitioners to celebrate their PMO career

PMO Teams

Get the whole PMO team celebrating together


Share your PMO successes both internally and externally


Show your appreciation for a PMO customer, member, volunteer….

PMO Practitioners

Celebrate Your Own PMO Career

Here are some ways

Personal Goals

Create a personal goal to achieve in PMO this year


Attend a PMO event and meet other likeminded people

Personal Reflection

Take time out to reflect on your achievements and personal gains in PMO

Share Your Picture

Share a picture that shows what you most love about working in PMO #intlPMODay


Bring a foodie gift into work and share it with your colleagues

Show Appreciation

Show your appreciation for someone you consider a mentor or colleague you admire

Do Something Different

Use this day to try something new in your day-to-day work

Tell Others

Tell everyone you interact with today that it’s International PMO Day and ask them what they think about PMOs!

PMO Teams

Celebrate Your PMO Team

Here are some ways

Special Event

Run a Community of Practice Day and invite members of the delivery organization along

Awards Ceremony

Host your own PMO team awards ceremony


Share your team successes and achievements, celebrate together as you share stories in the team


Host a party with food, cake and drinks – invite people to drop by and join in


Share a great photo of your PMO team, share it with the community #intlPMODay

PMO Connections

Find an external PMO team from another organisation, connect and host a virtual meetup


Attend an external PMO community event with the whole team and take time to learn together


Show your appreciation for PMO with special stickets, mugs, hoodies made up for the whole team


We loved this idea from Metro Bank UK – they’ll be having a team Bake Off!


Why not brighten up the PMO office space, make it known where the PMO is at


Have a little fun with the team and decide together which piece of music or song becomes your team anthem


Create your PMOs logo and strapline – let others know what your PMO is all about

delivery organisations

Organization Celebrations

Here are some ways

Throw the PMO a Party

Buy lunch, buy cake, get the banners out, show your appreciation for the PMO team

Screen Takeover

Use internal comms to highlight International PMO Day – share an email company-wide, take over the building screens!

External Comms

Share International PMO Day on your organisation’s offical social media platforms #intlPMODay

Share Your Story

Tell everyone about your PMO and what it is most appreciated for #intlPMODay

Leave Early

Let the PMO team leave early for the day!

Open Letter

Write a letter to your PMO team, sharing what the PMO is most appreciated for

Employer of Choice

Tell the wider industry why your organisation is an Employer of Choice when it comes to working in PMO #intlPMODay


Give the PMO team tickets to an external event of their choosing

PMO Community & Supporters

The Wider PMO Community

Here are some ways

Host an Event

Provide an event for PMO people and those interested in PMO to attend

Share Your Story

Write a blog, share an article, create a video – tell everyone why you’re celebrating #intlPMOday

Single Someone Out

Show your appreciation and say thanks to a PMO customer, member, volunteer…

Competition and Giveaways

Host a competition or giveaway focused on PMO – books, tickets, tools, merchandise…

Celebrate PMO

Help promote PMO as a profession and career of choice – share your expertise, wisdom and insight #intlPMODay


Provide sponsorship to PMO based events – sponsor an award, take a booth, place an ad…

Share the Connection

Tell the PMO community how your product or service is making a difference to PMOs and their organizations #intlPMODay


Share your #intlPMODay inspired photos

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