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International PMO Day #intlPMODay

Why does International PMO Day exist?

International PMO Day is all about highlighting, promoting, appreciating, and celebrating PMOs in organizations today. It is an opportunity for PMO practitioners across the globe to take time for themselves and their teams.

When does International PMO Day take place?

International PMO Day takes place on the second Tuesday in May.

Here are some of the future dates:

2023 – Tuesday 9th May

2024 – Tuesday 14th May

2025 – Tuesday 13th May

2026 – Tuesday 12th May

How did International PMO Day start?

The idea was formed at the PMO Conference in London in 2022 where the founders of the Day were all together, thinking about what we could do together. We’re all from different parts of world – UK, Brazil, United States and Spain – and thought it would be great to kick off something where anyone working in PMO could get involved.


How can I get involved as an indivdual in the International PMO Day?

There are some ideas on the Get Involved page – as a minimum you could just post a picture on your social media account with the #intlPMOday and show your support. You could get involved with a public Event too. Or perhaps use the day to spend time on your own development?

How can our PMO team get involved in International PMO Day?

There are lots of ideas in the Get Involved page – we especially like the idea of people getting together, making it a day of learning and sharing. You don’t need to have grand plans for the day, even just a celebration cake and a group photo is a great way to get involved (upload to socials and use #intlPMOday)

Whatever you decide to do – let your organization know what today is all about – it’s a great way to out the spotlight on your PMO and the great work you do

Can I use the logo?

Yes absolutely, just right click and download the image. If you are using the image on a website, please add a link to so others can find out more about it

Is there other imagery we can use?

Yes, we have different sized banners, just download the .zip file for the collection:

> International PMO Day pack

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